I don’t know how long I’ll be away from this blog, I’m sorry. School work is mounting, I have my brother’s wedding to attend this week and my father is in critical condition. I’m far too stressed to really channel any sort of creative energy here. 

I hope things will get better soon and I’ll be able to return fresh and full of inspiration. 

Love you guys!

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Send a ‘↺’ to have my muse temporarily lose all memory of your muse.

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You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell.

Something my friend told me the other day (via cuntshapedbox)

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Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

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Once you lose someone, it is never exactly the same person who comes back.

Sharon Olds, Satan Says (via socially-alone)

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I’m here!

And I also wanna say sorry for being a complete flake on this blog lately. Class work has gotta extra intense now that we’re in the second half of the year, my brother is getting married next week and my father had a stroke the other day— on top of some even more personal stuff, I’ve been extremely stressed out and stretched thin. I’m hoping things will gradually start to come right and I’ll be able to return to this hobby properly uAu;;;

thanks for the people who are sticking with me!

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My muse got arrested. What are your muse’s thoughts about this? And from what do you think my muse got arrested?

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high resolution →

For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.

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「❧ 」▉▋——-  

       She frowns. “That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?” 
       There’s really not much she can say in Pierce’s
       defense though, when she hasn’t met his boyfriend.
       But assuming that he’d only gotten a boyfriend for the
       sex didn’t’ sound like the Pierce she knew. “What do
       you not like about him?” She’s genuinely curious.

You haven’t met him.”

"I just— I get the feeling that if he could dictate who Pierce could and couldn’t hang out with, he would. Like, at the drop of a hat." Namely, Alois, but he wasn’t trying to be spiteful. Not entirely. To a degree— Alois sighed, lips pinched for a moment as he glanced heavenward. "I don’t know, if you meet him, let me know what you think.” 



「❧ 」▉▋——-  

       ”Not yet, but he did tell me about him. Pierce seems
       really happy.” And that’s all that really matters to Corinne.
       ”Have you met him then? What’s he like?” Alois probably
       isn’t the best person to ask. She never knows when he’s
       being honest or twisting the truth to suit his favour, but she
       and Alois had hardly spoken and maybe a part of her was 
       hopeful this was the opportunity to do so.

"Honestly? I think he’s a right twat." The blond shrugged, and he wasn’t saying that just to be difficult. Alois genuinely did not like the boy for what he felt were valid reasons, although none of which he could name or pin down. The kid was just wrong. “I think Pierce is just glad he finally has someone he can fuck.”